Outdoor Stair Lifts

Outdoor Elite Stair Lift

Seamlessly crafted to fit your outdoor space, the Elite Stair Lift is the perfect solution for your outdoor needs. Weather-resistant seat material, a light-weight cover and an anodized aluminum rail help ensure the longevity of your lift. Battery-operation protects your lift against a power outage and the safety sensors help protect the rider. An easy-to-use armrest control makes operation of the lift simple and relaxing. The Elite Outdoor Stair Lift has a 400-pound weight limit and includes a 5-year limited warranty with a free estimate.

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Weather-proof | Easy to Use | Compact

Outdoor Curved Elite Stair Lift

This North American top-selling curved outdoor stair lift and equipped with many attractive and necessary outdoor features. Starting with a handcrafted rail that matches the elevation and angle of your staircase, the Elite Curved Outdoor Stair Lift is designed just for you. For protection in various weather conditions, a durable outdoor paint, marine-grade vinyl, and waterproof cover are provided. Armrest controls allow easy operation, and the design allows plenty of room for guests or family to also use the staircase. This lift has a 400-pound weight limit and a 5-year limited warranty. Call us for a free estimate!