Vertical Platform Lift

Like a mini elevator, the Vertical Platform Lift allows access to entryways or deck steps. Its weather-durable design includes specialized coating to protect the lift and weather-resistant controls. The lift is reliably powered by an optional continuously charging DC battery-powered motor on a 10-ft model and affordable AC power on 4-6 ft units. Safety features include obstruction sensors under the platform that will shut down the lift if touched and an emergency stop switch on the platform control panel. With your mobility device, you drive on/off the platform and press a pressure-controlled rocker switch to move up and down. When not in use, the ramp will also automatically fold to prevent a safety hazard. Allow yourself peace of mind and accessibility with the Vertical Platform Lift. There is a 750-pound lift capacity and 2-year limited warranty. Call for us for a free estimate!

Vertical Lift | Video

Reliable | Easy to Use | Safe